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A hard landing

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A Hard landing deals with an educational centre where about 10 youngers between 13 and 16 with a bad track record, are placed on the decision of a juvenile magistrate for a preliminary period of 6 months. The mutually exclusive words « closed » and « educational » sum up the project’s ambiguity. Filmed over three weeks, while the crew lived in the centre, telling the story of those who live there. A Hard Landing tackles the problem of juvenile offenders from a new angle, that of dialogue and reconstruction, with eyes fixed firmly on the future.


Color 4/3 - 52min - color / 2005
Production company: © cocottesminute productions
Broadcasters: Public Sénat, La chaîne Parlementaire, Planète + Justice, Kto
With support: Région Rhône-Alpes, CNC, Macif Rhône-Alpes
Photography: Nicolas CORNUT
Sound: Christophe FOULON
Editing: Sylvie PERRIN
Line producer: Jérôme DUC-MAUGÉ


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