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Notes beyond Ailment


Taking a scientific and sensitive approach, this documentary invites us to discover an illness which still is an enigma today: autism. Embedded in music therapy workshops conducted by a jazz bass player, the camera guides us towards a special meeting with autistic children in great difficulty. Moments of emotion, sometimes of pleasure – the responses to music are registered as signs of a possible exchange with the children, to try and pull them out of their isolation. Music appears as a slight bridge between worlds so stubbornly kept apart by handicap.


Color 16/9, 52min / 2006
Production company: cocottesminute productions, in coproduction with KTO
With support of: CNC, Région Rhône-Alpes
Photography: Serge VINCENT, Nicolas CORNUT
Sound: Christophe FOULON, Julien ESPOSITO
Editing: Sylvie PERRIN
Line producer: Jérôme DUC-MAUGÉ


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