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WORLD CITY (as Director of photography)

un film by Antarès Bassis


What happens when an utopian architect sees the birth of a city when noone else does ? At least not the French State, nor migrants themselves …
How far can the humanist dream of themselves be in harmony with the needs of others? What inspiration can build up to a very strong desire to change the world, when the emergency situation holds all cards? In the North of France city of Grande-Synthe, an architect, a Mayor, and a group of refugees are experimenting the world-city of the future…

Written and directed by: Antarès BASSIS
Lenght: 52 & 80 min / Year of production : 2018

Camera: Adrien RIVOLLIER, Pascal AUFFRAY, Antarès BASSIS

Sound: Olivier PIODA, Marc PARAZON

Editing: Frédéric FICHEFET


Broadcast: France Télévisions, France 3 Nord, L’Heure D, RTBF
Support: Procirep – Angoa / CNC / Pictanovo / Région Pays de la Loire / MFG Baden-Württemberg

In coproduction with: Filmtank, Allemagne – Stenola, Belgique
In partnership with Doctors Without Borders


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