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Valuable sewers


This dramatized documentary takes us down into the depths of the city on a guided tour of the sewers of Lyon. It deals with a universal subject which may help raise public awareness of the issues related to that poorly known environment.


Color 16/9, 26min / 2003
Production company: cocottesminute productions
Broadcaster: TLM
With support of: CNC, Région Rhône-Alpes, Grand Lyon, INSA Lyon

Photography: Jean-Pierre RIVALAIN, Julien DUC-MAUGE, Pierrick RENOULT
Editing: Aurélien PALLIER-COLINOT
Sound: Bertrand REPELLIN
Original music: François TRAMOY / Tenor Saxophone: Julien LACHAL
Line producer: Jérôme DUC-MAUGÉ


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