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Troubled childhood, state issue




After the French Revolution, the State started being concerned with juvenile affairs and taking over the authority normally exercised by families. From 19th century children’s working camps to today’s penitentiary education centres, the issue of handling minors in danger and delinquent minors has always been at the heart of the social, political and judicial debates. Through a double historical and contemporary focus, this film recalls the history of child protection in France and explores the underlying change in the status of the child, correlated to that of the family. Through unprecedented immersive filming of visits normally carried out behind closed doors.


16/9, 52min, color / HD / 2010
Production company: cocottesminute productions in coproduction with LYON TV
Broadcasters: Planète+ Justice, KTO
With support of: CNC, Procirep-Angoa
Director of photography: Julien GIDOIN
Editor: Sylvie PERRIN
Sound: Christophe FOULON, Bertrand REPELLIN, Bertrand NEYRET
Line Producer: Jérôme DUC-MAUGÉ


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