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In the judge's office




How does a meeting between a judge, a minor and his parents unfold? How do judges deal with hazardous situations? Which reflection do they undertake before rendering their final ruling? Placements in foster care, social investigations, admonitions, prosecutions – this series embarks us to follow six court hearings, into the practice and privacy of two children’s judges, in order to better understand the workings of juvenile courts.


3×26min doc serie / Color HD 16/9 - 2009
Written by Adrien RIVOLLIER & Jérôme DUC-MAUGÉ
Directed by Adrien RIVOLLIER
Production company : cocottesminute productions, in coproduction with Lyon TV
Broadcaster: Public Sénat
With support of: CNC, Procirep-Angoa
Photography: Serge VINCENT, Adrien RIVOLLIER, Jean-Pierre RIVALAIN
Sound: Christophe FOULON
Editing: Sylvie PERRIN
Original music: Adrien RIVOLLIER
Line producer: Jérôme DUC-MAUGÉ
© cocottesminute productions


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